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  • Watch. Ratnagiri Cashew: A hidden gem in Konkan facing global competition

    May 6th, 2024

    Nestled in Ratnagiri’s scenic landscapes, famous for its Alphonso mangoes, lies another treasure called Ratnagiri cashew, hailed as the world’s finest. Despite its rich flavour and superior nutrition, the cashew industry in the Konkan region faces challenges from global competition. Local farmers and processors are struggling amidst the allure of cheaper imports from African countries. India’s cashew industry confronts challenges with African seed imports and Vietnamese competition, signalling a bleak outlook. Vietnam dominated the global cashew market in 2022, exporting USD 2.7 billion worth of cashews, compared to India’s USD 339.2 million in exports from April 2023 to March 2024, as per Commerce Ministry data.

    Speaking to ANI, Hrushikesh Paranjape, Managing Director of Paranjape Agro Products informed, “The cashews of Konkan belt are the best cashews in the world in terms of quality. It is a gift from the Portuguese. The protein content of these cashews are high and they are very sweet also and not many people know about this.”Lamenting about the challenges the cashew industry is facing, he said, “Local processors find themselves at a disadvantage due to the price differentials between imported and domestic cashews. This season, raw cashews were purchased at Rs 110 per kilogram locally, while imports from Africa cost between Rs 90 to 95 per kilogram.”