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CASHEW BUSINESS TOURS TO INDIA has been organizing business tours for various African countries to India. The customized tours are organized based on the objective of the visiting delegation. The objectives can range from understanding the markets, processing technologies, plantation, trade meetings, increasing trade relations through high level meetings.

Unique advantages of tours: 

  • Experiential learning (learning by doing) is the best form of learning as it provides highest scope for knowledge transfer and knowledge retention. However, it is not always possible to 'learn everything by doing'.

  • The next best option is seeing and observing, the study tour is field visit oriented, where participants are taken to field - be it cashew farm or processing units - to see, observe, interact and learn. Hence, the level and quality of learning is far superior to conventional learning by reading or studying research reports.

  • Study tour also facilitates networking with the best in the industry, which if nurtured would yield immense results over a long period of time.

The tours are planned in consultation with the visiting delegation, with day-wise visits chalked in advance. For the ease of the visiting delegation, we normally propose all inclusive package of accommodation, all meals, travel within cities (train, flight, buses), local conveyance, fixing meetings, factory visits, etc. The visiting delegation has fewer hassles, as our team takes care of all logistics.

Over the last 7 years, we have conducted business/study tours for various associations, govt bodies, NGOs, etc.