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  • Vietnamese enterprises lost 5 containers of cashew nuts because their foreign partners went bankrupt 04/21/2023

    Apr 21st, 2023

    Specifically, in August 2022, this business exported 5 containers of cashew nuts to Algeria, through the intermediary of a company located in South Africa. The intermediary company paid a deposit of 10% of the value of the goods, but when the goods arrived at the port of Mostaganem (Algeria), the customer, the Algerian company Eurl ATS Food, could not do customs clearance because this company was banned by the Ministry of Commerce of Algeria. included in the list of commercial fraud enterprises from June 2022. The owner of the goods is a Vietnamese enterprise and the shipping company has completed procedures to change the consignee to another company (also in Algeria) at the request of an intermediary in South Africa, but the Algerian customs does not accept it. According to the port of Mostaganem customs, the company Eurl ATS Food lost the legal capacity to carry out procedures such as import, as well as change the business to receive replacement goods or re-export goods. According to the customs of the host country, more than 5 months in the port, the Algerian customs is entitled to auction this shipment. Updating the latest information, Mr. Tran Huu Hau - Deputy General Secretary of Vinacas said: "The total value of 5 containers of cashew nuts is 466,900 USD (equivalent to 11 billion VND). Mostaganem auctioned and could not bring the goods back, the business is facing the risk of losing the shipment.According to the shipping company, 2 containers have been withdrawn and the remaining 3 containers are still in the customs warehouse. is still trying to work with the Vietnamese authorities and the Algerian authorities to request settlement and refund of the shipment to the company. The representative of the above-mentioned cashew export company shared: "Mostaganem port customs violated international practices when arbitrarily auctioned the shipment without notifying the owner. We only received information about the following incident. Realizing that the shipment was in danger of losing the shipment, we sent an official dispatch to ask for help to the relevant authorities, and flew to Algeria to work directly with the port of Mostaganem customs. From March 28, 2023. In addition, we have sent a letter requesting to meet and work with the authorities of Algeria through: General Department of Customs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade of Vietnam as well as the Ministry of Trade of Vietnam. The Vietnamese Embassy and the Vietnam Trade Office in Algeria, the Algerian Embassy in Vietnam, request the Algerian side to send an official document clarifying the customs auction process, handling principles and applicable law. . However, until now, this business has not received a response from the Algerian government and all goods have been auctioned by the port of Mostaganem customs and buyers have moved 2/5 containers out. out of the port. Currently, the Vietnam Trade Office in Algeria has sent a telegram to Vinacas and the Vietnam Pepper Association to warn of fraud when exporting to Algeria.