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  • Unseasonal Rain: Mango, cashew nut growers were scared by rain showers

    Mar 31st, 2024

    Some parts of the district received rain showers late on Friday (29th). Meanwhile, there has been sprinkler in some areas in the morning as well, and it is cloudy all over the district. The Meteorological Department has predicted light rain today (30 hrs). There was rain in the district since Friday morning. It was going to rain at any moment. But it did not rain anywhere throughout the day. But around 10 o'clock in the night, it rained in some parts of Sawantwadi, Kudal, Dodamarg taluka.

    Sawantwadi rainfall is more. Apart from this, there were sprinkles of rain in the east of Kankavali, Vaibhavwadi. Meanwhile, there is cloudy weather everywhere in the district since Saturday (30 am) . The intensity of summer has increased and the body is getting cold.

    Due to the cloudy weather and rain in some areas, the mango and cashew growers are scared. With the regular mango season just around the corner, the huge change in climate has raised the anxiety of mango growers. Cashew growers are in the same position. The Meteorological Department has predicted light rain in the district. But it was explained that the atmosphere will remain cloudy.