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  • UNIDO join hands with CAC to boost cashew kernel export 10/10/2023

    Oct 10th, 2023

    The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) collaborated with the Cashew nut Association of Cambodia (CAC) to boost the export of cashew kernel by 12 percent by 2025 by providing technical support and management systems to the owners of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The commitment was made between the UNIDO and CAC during the training session under the theme of ‘Food Safety and Quality Control for MSMEs’, held at Glorious Hotel and Spa, in Kampong Thom Province last week. The three-day programme was attended by over 60 entrepreneurs of which 38 percent were women, representing 27 food process enterprises from ten provinces across the country. The session has two main objectives: First, to increase capacity for quality and safety management for cashew processing enterprises, which encourages MSMEs to promote market expansion and be ready to export the products based on organic principles as well as provide business capacity development for MSMEs. Second, to promote value-added cashew products with high quality and safety management, enabling it to compete with other countries’ products as well. According to the report provided to Khmer Times, “The Royal Government of Cambodia has set out the Cambodia Industrial Development Policy of 2015-2025 which has specific measurement goals to contribute to agro-industrial development, the project aimed to increase the exportation of cashew kernel by 12 percent in the next two years.” “The value added to agricultural products has been identified as potential for export. However, many cashew nuts are exported raw which made the added value for Cambodian agricultural products lose its maximum value.” There are three major concerns including poor production infrastructure which results in low productivity losing around 15-20 percent, the limited capacity to cope with climate change as well as unfavorable policy environment for agribusiness development, the report added. Uon Silot, President of CAC, told Khmer Times yesterday that about 95 percent of the raw cashew nuts (RCN) are exported to Vietnam for processing while only five percent are processed by local handicrafts due to the limited production capacity and the lack of knowledge and skills for the development of the handicrafts industry to processing food with safety standards exporting to the international markets. With support from the UNIDO, the CAC has organised the training course from October 3-5 for stakeholders to exchange their views and experiences with training methods linked to actual practice, he added. According to CAC, the agricultural sector played an important role in sustaining the national economy, contributing about 22.2 percent of the total gross domestic product (GDP). It has provided high benefits as well as increased employment opportunities to the people at the grassroots level.