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  • The president of OIA-Anacarde invites the State to strengthen the security of cashew nuts 03/21/2022

    Mar 21st, 2022

    The president of the Interprofessional Cashew Agricultural Organization (OIA-Anacarde), Bêh Soro, calls on the State to strengthen the security system for cashew nuts, to block illicit trafficking of the product to neighboring countries. During an exchange meeting with producers, held on Wednesday March 09, 2022 in Korhogo, Bêh Soro challenged them on the irregular sale of their products abroad. He also alerted all players in this field of activity to the dangerousness of this practice. Mr. Bêh above all challenged the Ivorian State to strengthen the security system to definitively settle the question of the flight of agricultural products in general and especially that of cashew nuts towards neighboring countries, because this situation is at the origin of the decline in the volume of officially declared sales in the producing regions. “We invite the State to increase the reinforcement of the regulator's security system by setting up a special brigade to fight against the leakage of our products, like that of gold panning. Something that will allow regulatory agents, producers, buyers and exporters to carry out their work,” said the president of OIA-Anacarde. Mr. Bêh finally invited all the main players in the cashew sector to strictly observe the marketing rules set by the government through the sector's regulatory authority. Côte d'Ivoire is the world's leading producer of cashew nuts, with an estimated production of one million tonnes in the 2021 campaign. This record volume is up 18% compared to the result recorded during the financial year. 2020 which was 848,000 T. The cashew sector employs around 400,000 producers and represents the 3rd source of foreign currency in the agricultural sector behind cocoa and natural rubber.