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  • The fall in cashew prices has upset the expectations of cashew farmers 04/02/2022

    Apr 2nd, 2022

    Cashew prices fell short of farmers' expectations. Two months after the start of the season, prices fell by more than 25 per cent.Attempts by the state government to procure cashew nuts through co-operatives by fixing the floor price also did not bear fruit. The floor price announced by the government is Rs 105 per kg. The floor price of Rs 105 was announced when the price in the public market was more than Rs 120. Cashew nuts, which were initially priced at Rs 128 per kg, now fetch only Rs 97 per kg. In two weeks, it has fallen by Rs 31. With the onset of summer rains, prices are likely to fall further. According to traders, the low demand in the market is also a problem. To help the farmers, the government had fixed a floor price of Rs 90 and procured it through co-operatives. Although the floor price has been raised to Rs 105 this year, only the government-controlled Farming Corporation will get the price. Co-operative banks have not started procurement in any of the cashew production areas. Therefore, the farmers' organizations demanded that the government should start procurement in all sectors and ensure a price of Rs 150 per kg.