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  • Tanzania: 16,000 Tonnes of Raw Cashewnuts Auctioned 11/02/2022

    Nov 2nd, 2022

    SOME 16,000 tonnes of raw cashewnuts were sold out during the second auctions for 2022/2023 cashew trading season conducted on last Friday in Mtwara and Lindi Region. Information availed to 'Daily News' by Cashewnut Board of Tanzania (CBT), the consignment was sold at 1,835/- maximum and 1,810 minimum prices per kilogramme. The consignment was sold by members of Mtwara, Masasi Cooperative Union (MAMCU) in Mtwara Region and Ruangwa, Nachingwea, Liwale Cooperative Union (RUNALI) in Lindi. Other cooperative unions of Tandahimba and Newala (TANECU) and Lindi Mwambao halted selling their produce on the ground that the buyers' bids were still too low. At the first auctions launched on October 22nd this year, members MAMCU, TANECU, RUNALI and Lindi Mwambao refused to sell their row cashewnuts, saying the prices offered by buyers were low compared to the production costs. However, at the second auctions held on last Friday, RUNALI and MAMCU members decided to sell their produce at the prices ranging between 2,200/- and 1,800/- minimum prices respectively. Speaking after selling their produce cashew farmers in Masasi and Mtwara blamed middlemen for get involved in the cashew nuts prices matter in the auctions. "We farmers have no market control because most of us have because lack negotiation skills, the so called middlemen are to blame for interfering with au auctions," said one Hamis Yusuf a cashew grower in Nanyumbu. The farmers said middlemen are buying the raw cashews nuts directly from farmers at 1000/- per kilogramme and targeting to sell them for high prices at the auctions. CBT Acting Director General, Mr Alfred Francis said the prices offered at the auctions were based on cashew market trend in the globe. He said the board was committed to monitor the trend and inform farmers and all the stakeholders to make right decision in the ongoing cashew auctions.