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  • Sonata Nigeria achieves Organic Certification from Control Union Netherlands 6/09/2022

    Jun 9th, 2022

    Sonata Agri International Limited has received Organic Certification from Control Union Netherlands. Sonata will now be able to export organic cashew nuts to the US, UK, and Europe. This is a significant achievement for a Nigerian company which started operations four years ago. Sonata team committed several months in engagement and training of thousands of farmers to achieve organic certification of thousands of hectares of cashew farms in Nigerian cashew belt. Sonata Agri International Limited has been incorporated in Nigeria to produce export grade cashew kernels. Sonata is committed to creating a reliable supply chain for farmers to sell raw cashew nuts, create value in the country by processing at origin and export a quality product for the end-consumers in United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East. Sonata has earlier received British Retail Consortium (BRC) certification and Kosher certification. Sonata has established direct linkages with thousands of farmers and set-up collection points across Nigeria’s cashew belt to make it easy for farmers to sell raw cashew nuts immediately after harvesting and maximize their earnings. Sonata farmer linkage team works with over 10,000 farmers throughout the year to guide them on best farming practices, pre-and post-harvest practices to help increase their yield and earnings. Sonata provides direct employment to over 800 Nigerians and indirect employment to 4,000 Nigerians. Total number of beneficiaries who gain from Sonata establishment is approximated at 20,000 individuals reducing unemployment significantly in the community.