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  • Review of scientific research topics on disease prevention on cashew trees 08/03/2023

    Aug 3rd, 2023

    From the research process, scientists from the International University - Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, led by Dr. Truong Phuoc Long, said that: It is possible to apply advanced research methods and technologies in the world to prepare biological products from betel leaves combined with nano. silver to prevent and treat fungal diseases effectively on cashew trees in Binh Phuoc. The research team found that the extract from betel leaves was found to contain many antifungal and antibacterial active ingredients. Betel leaf is an abundant and cheap source of raw materials, so the use of extracts from betel leaves to produce antifungal drugs will reduce the cost of preparations, helping to reduce costs for farmers. On the other hand, the study of synthesizing silver nanoparticles by green chemistry method to produce inoculants will also reduce production costs, Director of the Department of Science and Technology Bui Thi Minh Thuy, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Science and Technology Council spoke at the meeting In terms of ideas and research objectives of the project. The topic was supported and appreciated by the council members and critics, but at the meeting, the majority of opinions said that the research topic was still not close to the set goal, there were still many unclear contents. , especially the safety of the product. After discussion, the council members decided to allow the research team to edit and complete the topic within 7 working days to submit to the council for comment and grading.