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  • Producers march in Vaibhavwadi against fall in cashew nut rate 03/30/2023

    Mar 30th, 2023

    Cashew growers took out a march at Vaibhavwadi on Wednesday (29th) due to the fall in cashew seed prices. At this time, demands were made that the price of cashew seed should be Rs. 150 per kg and the import duty should be increased. The protestors warned that if the government does not pay attention to the cashew seed rate issue, they will launch a severe agitation again. The price of cashew nuts has fallen to Rs 105 per kg. Therefore, cashew nut producers have taken an aggressive stance. Angry cashew farmers gathered at Sambhaji Chowk in Vaibhavwadi on Wednesday as the current cashew seed price does not cover production costs. A march was taken out to the Dutt temple shouting loud slogans there. 'Cashew seed must get a price of Rs 150', 'Get organized, get organized, cashew farmers get organized', slogans were given at this time. Meanwhile, cashew growers held a meeting at Dutt Mandir. Vilas Desai presented the role of farmers in this meeting. The government will not take notice unless the cashew farmers are united. The current rate does not even cover the cost of production. Due to this, the cashew nut farmer is in debt. He demanded that the government should increase the import duty and take measures for the branding of cashew nuts. Set up a price fixing system Manufacturers and traders decide the price of cashew nuts. Therefore, a rate setting system should be established. The District Agricultural Produce Market Committee should take a firm stand in this regard. Prices are falling due to unorganized cashew growers. The cashew growers demanded that the weighing forks of the traders who buy cashew seeds should be checked.