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  • Minister of Agriculture urges cashew nut processors to increase production line for export to overseas markets 05/24/2023

    May 24th, 2023

    Dith Tina, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, has urged the Cashew Nut Processing Company in Stung Treng to increase production lines to export finished products to foreign markets to be more competitive and to provide jobs for local people. He made this statement on the occasion of inspecting the production line of cashew nut processing and packing of finished products for export of Kesaunat Co.,Ltd. in Stung Treng province on May 23. Tina said in order for customers to know about Cambodian achievements in processing raw materials locally, handicraft owners need to expand the production line further and farmers must make efforts to learn the cultivation techniques, maintenance, processing of finished products as a family, so that business activities can continue to grow. According to Ms. Muth Chakrya, Director of Kesaunat Co.,Ltd. confirmed that at present, the company has processed five kinds of cashew products for export to markets with different flavors and packaging standards. “These five different flavors products are salty, milkshake, emerald and tom yam, which are ordered by foreign markets and currently use 1 ton of raw material per day,” she said. Everything else is done to maintain our brand to sell the finished products to export to Japan, the United States, and some to Korea. Fresh News