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  • Mangaluru: NITK professor invents wine from cashew nut, acquires patent 05/23/2022

    May 23rd, 2022

    Good news for liquor lovers. There is a feeling that cashew nut liquor is local and not a quality drink. However, good quality wine made from cashew nut will be available soon in market. Prasanna B D, professor of chemistry, NITK has invented this unique drink and has acquired a patent from an Indian company for the same. This unique cashew nut wine does not stink like normal cashew nut liquor. It does not inebriate a person immediately. When one opens the bottle there is a pleasant odour that hits the nose. It has a mix of sweet, sour and bitter taste. Because of the efforts of Prof Prasanna, six types of cashew nut wine is ready to enter the liquor market. He started his invention in 2010 and applied for patent in 2012. Now the patent is granted to him. An interested entrepreneur has come forward to market the same. People who have tasted this wine have given very good opinion. It is improved through high technology so that the quality is better. Already the wine is being produced in a plant which has a production capacity of 500 litres. Wine experts have also gave good rating for this wine. Prof Prasanna says that wine lovers will definitely welcome this wine which has only 8 to 15% alcohol in it. However, producing liquor from cashew nut is against the law as medical expert feel that it is not good for health. But the professor has invented good quality wine through years of dedication. How the wine lovers accept this in the market, needs to be seen.