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  • Looking back at the achievements in 2023 of the Agriculture Industry 12/30/2023

    Dec 30th, 2023

    n 2023, agriculture will continue to affirm its important position as the pillar of the economy. (Photo: IT) The Agriculture sector implements the 2023 plan in the context of mixed advantages, difficulties and challenges; In particular, the export market for forestry and aquatic products faces many difficulties... However, the whole industry still achieved many positive results, completing most of the set targets. At the press conference on work results in 2023 and tasks and solutions in 2024 held today, December 29 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development reviewed 6 bright spots and outstanding achievements of entire industry in 2023. The first bright spot is that in the context of many difficulties and challenges, especially in the export market of forestry and aquatic products, the added value of the entire industry (GDP) increased, estimated at 3.83%. This is the highest growth rate in the last 10 years. The second outstanding achievement is that agriculture continues to affirm its important position as the pillar of the economy, firmly ensuring food security, major balances of the economy and contributing to economic stability. macro. Rice output reaches 43.4 million tons, up 1.7% compared to 2022, meat output of all kinds reaches 7.6 million tons, up 3.5%; seafood output was 9.3 million tons, an increase of 2.9%. The third bright spot is the record of trade surplus. Although the total agricultural, forestry and fishery export turnover of 53.01 billion USD has not reached the target of 54-55 billion USD, the trade surplus in 2023 will reach a record of 12.07 billion USD, an increase of 43.7%, accounting for 42.5% of the country's trade surplus. Some export items increased to record highs such as: Fruits and vegetables reached 5.69 billion USD, an increase of 69.2%, rice reached 4.78 billion USD, an increase of 38.4%). Six export products reached a value of over 3 billion USD, including: Fruits and vegetables reached 5.69 billion USD, an increase of 69.2%; Rice 4.78 billion USD, up 38.4%; Cashew nuts 3.63 billion USD, up 17.6%; Coffee 4.18 billion USD, up 3.1%; Shrimp 3.38 billion USD, down 21.7%; Wood and wood products 13.37 billion USD, down 16.5%. The fourth outstanding achievement is the successful organization of many major national and international events (International Festival of Rice Industry, Festival of Conservation and Development of Craft Villages, ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control). ...), thereby helping to promote the image and brand of agricultural, forestry and fishery products domestically, regionally and internationally, promoting the consumption of agricultural products; especially the launching of the Sustainable Development Project of 1 million hectares specializing in high-quality rice cultivation and low emissions associated with green growth in the Mekong Delta until 2030. The 5th outstanding achievement is that the number of OCOP products with 3 stars or higher increased steadily over the months and reached 11,000 products, (an increase of 2,189 products compared to 2022); Of which 37.9% are cooperatives, 24% are enterprises, 35.3% are production establishments/business households, and the remainder are cooperative groups. Many activities create favorable conditions to help businesses promote and sell their products. By 2023, the country will have about 78% of communes meeting new rural standards, of which 256 communes will meet model new rural standards. There are 270 district-level units recognized for completing their tasks/meeting new rural standards. The final bright spot in 2023 is that Vietnam has researched, successfully produced and exported a commercial vaccine to prevent African swine fever./.