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  • Kogi Govt Denies Alleged Multiple Taxation Regime By Cashew Farmers, Vows To Stabilize Grading Cost 02/13/2024

    Feb 13th, 2024

    Kogi state government has denied allegations of multiple taxation by the cashew farmers and buyers in the state regarding an increment in produce grading costs. Speaking to newsmen in Lokoja, the State Commissioner for Agriculture, Hon Timothy Ojomah, said the new administration under Governor Usman Ododo will not transact business without following due process. While noting that there was no such thing, the Commissioner promised to stabilize the grading cost. He warned foreigners to desist from having direct contact with the farmers, as the grading costs remain the same. He added that whoever is taking laws into their hands by extorting the marketers would have the government to contend with. Recently, Kogi State farmers and buyers, under the aegis of the Farmers Forum of Nigeria, raised an alarm over a plot to increase the produce payment from ₦30,000 to ₦90,000. The forum appealed to Governor Usman Ododo to halt multiple taxation in the state, stating that it would turn Kogi State into a laughing stock. The spokesperson of the group, Barrister Ibrahim Adam, asked the state government to stop suffocating them, stating that they can no longer bear the burden of multiple taxation in the state. According to the statement, “The Produce Inspection Department (PID) in Kogi State charges the highest inspection fee in the country at ₦30,000 per truck, while other states such as Kano, Gombe, Katsina, Yobe, and others charge significantly lower fees. “The breakdown is as follows: Kogi PID ₦30,000, Kano PID ₦5000, Gombe PID ₦5,000, Katsina PID ₦3,000, Yobe PID ₦2,000, Nasarawa PID ₦20,000, Benue PID ₦25,000, Oyo PID ₦20,000, Niger PID ₦10,000, Bauchi PID ₦5,000, Jigawa PID ₦3,000, Yola PID ₦4,000, Kaduna PID ₦7,000, and Osun PID ₦10,000. “Other unexplained receipts, which amount to multiple taxation imposed on Kogi state cashew buyers, have this breakdown of the various levies: interstate levy (AKA haulage fee) ₦13,000, IML ₦5,000, loading and offloading fee ₦12,000, pass ₦5,000, state environmental fee ₦6,000, local government environmental fee ₦5,000, and local government departmental fee ₦10,000″.