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  • KSCDC launches 24 value-added products 08/19/2023

    Sep 19th, 2023

    The Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation (KSCDC) has launched 24 value-added products in the market to maximise sales during Onam. In 2018 and 2019, the KSCDC had bagged the award for introducing highest number of value-added products at Kaju India conclave, a conference of cashew producers and traders from all parts of India, organised by the Union government. Cashew Vita in four flavours that include pista, cardamom, vanilla and chocolate, cashew vanilla milkshake, chilli-garlic cashew, salt and pepper-coated cashew, red chilli-coated cashew, cashew powder, cashew soup, roasted and salted cashews in various grades, cashew soda, cashew apple squash and cashew jam are among the products currently available in market. “The KSCDC markets best quality drum-roasted kernels processed in the traditional method. Despite countries with mechanised processing selling the product at a much lower price, we continue to market this,” says S.Jayamohan, KSCDC chairman. Discounts on offer For Onam, the corporation had procured raw cashew nut from the local farmers in Kannur and Kasaragod through cooperative banks. The jumbo-sized nuts procured from the domestic market and processed in the traditional style have huge demand in the market. During Onam, outlets are offering 30% discount while the mobile unit of the corporation is touring all districts. The KSCDC has also taken steps to offer 35% discount a kg for labourers along with a production incentive of ₹50 a kg. While nuts and other value-added products are available online through Amazon, higher quantity can be bought via e-tender. “In 2023, the KSCDC has taken measures to provide continuous working days to the labourers even after Onam,” says the chairman.