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  • KSCDC cashew factories resume functioning 03/12/2024

    Mar 12th, 2024

    With the arrival of raw cashew nut (RCN) from Tanzania, factories under the Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation (KSCDC) have resumed operations after a break. “The workers are happy as the revised wage hike of 23% has come into effect. Measures have been taken to ensure uninterrupted working days this year,” said KSCDC chairman S. Jayamohan on Tuesday. The factories were reopened after the first consignment of RCN reached via the Thoothukudi port while another 12,000 tonnes of RCN from Ghana and Ivory Coast is also expected shortly. Around 14,000 workers are employed in various sections of the KSCDC factories. At present only shelling workers have joined and the factories will be fully operational with peeling and grading sections opening within a few days.