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  • Ivory Coast: temporary suspension of purchases of raw cashew nuts for export (official)

    May 10th, 2024

    The Ivorian authorities have decided to temporarily suspend purchases of raw cashew nuts for export, from May 7, 2024, learned from an official source.

    “Pursuant to Law No. 2013-656 of September 13, 2013 establishing the rules relating to the marketing of cotton and cashew nuts, the regulation of activities in the cotton and cashew sectors, and Decree No. 2013-810 of November 26, 2013 setting the terms of the external marketing of cashew products, it is brought to your attention that purchases and exports of raw cashew nuts are suspended for exporters", indicates a note from the ministry in charge of agriculture aimed at buyers, exporters and importers of raw cashew nuts.

    During this period, only purchasing operations of raw cashew nuts by approved processors and buyers with a view to supplying processing units are authorized, specifies the note which adds that "the measure of suspension of exports is not does not apply to products which have already been the subject of a stuffing authorization on this date.

    According to the authorities, these restrictive measures, which are part of the national policy for the development and promotion of agro-industry, aim to guarantee the supply of local processing units.

    “Any breach of this note is liable to the sanctions provided for by the provisions in force, in particular the repression of the illicit marketing and export of agricultural products subject to approval,” concludes the text.