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  • Ivory Coast -AIP / Cashew producers protest against the floor price of 275 fcfa in Bondoukou 03/09/2024

    Mar 9th, 2024

    The president of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Cashew Producers of the North East of Côte d'Ivoire, Samidjo Mathieu, protested, on behalf of his peers, at the Botogoni space, against the floor price of 275 FCFA for cashew nuts, set by the Ivorian government for the 2024 campaign. For Samidjo Mathieu, this price is not remunerative, leaving producers in disarray faced with the inherent costs of their exploitation. “This price is not remunerative, it does not allow planters to generate profits, due to the costs linked to the maintenance of cashew trees and plots,” he said, Thursday March 7, 2024. » We are grieved. We see the professional future of our children compromised. Our future is compromised in view of production debts,” he added, pleading with the government for a new price. “We are coming out of deficit and this situation will encourage poor quality and abandonment of fields,” he said. The intervention of the producers' spokesperson in Bondoukou He announces advocacy meetings, in particular with the supervisory ministry, for this purpose. Producers from 74 villages in the Gontougo region were represented at this press conference. Cashew nut producers from Nassian also demonstrated, on Friday March 1, 2024, at the Nassian prefecture, their opposition to this floor price. Coming from different parts of the department, they chanted and brandished protest signs against the new campaign price, before being received by the prefect of Nassian, Gnaoré Ligui Pierre.