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  • Hailstorm in Kolhapur and Sangli districts 11/04/2022

    Apr 11th, 2022

    Several parts of Kolhapur and Sangli districts witnessed hailstorm on Sunday evening. The weather, prior to the rain and hail, was cloudy with gusty winds and lightning. The state power utility also resorted to power cuts in order to avoid any disaster due to falling of electric poles or wire entanglement. Several tree uprooting incidents were also reported in various parts of Kolhapur city. The vehicular traffic was also affected due to sudden showers. In rural areas, especially in Chandgad and Ajara tehsils, farmers have reported damages to mango and cashew crops. The hail and wind may have caused some damage in Sangli district where harvesting of grapes is in the last stage. As per India Meteorological Department (IMD), more showers and hailstorm are in store for the region in the next few days. Kolhapur’s disaster management department , therefore, has advised people to remain indoors and follow safety protocols.