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  • Going nuts for biofuels: Using cashew as a base

    Mar 28th, 2024

    As part of this partnership, ACT Group created a Cashew Nut Shell Liquid-based biofuel known as FSI.100. Following thorough testing on various blend combinations FSI.100 received approval from engine manufacturers as a 30% blend component in an ISO 8217 DMA grade distillate fuel oil to carry out sea trials. 

    According to UECC, FSI.100 is a CNSL-based biofuel with a sustainable supply chain ensuring traceability from origin to consumption. It reduces waste and aligns with circular economy principles. FSI.100 has low sulfur and winter spec pour points, and it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 90% compared to conventional maritime fuels.

    Daniel Gent, Energy & Sustainability Manager at UECC, emphasized the importance of this approach, stating it demonstrates their commitment to assessing future fuels and promoting sustainable shipping.