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  • Goa Cashew Fest from May 10-12

    May 8th, 2024

    Cashews are one of the favorite fruits of every Goan and are also seasonal fruit of Goa. Every Goan awaits for this season to come. So they can enjoy their refreshing drinks made out of the cashew fruit, which is Nero, Urrak, and Feni. The fruit is also delicious all by itself and often, people use the cashew seed as a snack by roasting them and then eating them later. To encourage this excitement of cashews and also honor them, there is a big celebration in Goa called The Cashew Festival, also known as “Kaju Utsav”. This year the Cashew Festival is going to be celebrated on the 10th, 11th, 12th of May 2024, at the Dayanand Bandodkar ground in Panjim. The festival will be 2 times bigger than the previous events to accommodate more crown and for more exciting entertainment.
    Learning And Innovation
    This festival is a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about cashews and to make more of them in Goa.  A lot of people who work with farmers, processors, and sellers of big Cashew brands come together for this festival. People are also shown the traditional ways of making Feni and other Goan drinks. Apart from just making drinks, they also show you other stuff you can make using cashews as your main ingredient! They also show people the process of how cashews from being on trees, go to being used in different ways.
    Culinary Delights
    So now, let’s speak of snacks: the festival serves a lot of delicious Goan snacks. From your favourite Goan Choris Pao to other scrumptious foods like chicken burgers, beef cutlets and croquettes, prawn rissois and so much more. Chefs also cook up some dishes using cashews for people to taste and try. This is your chance to try out new foods and flavours of Goa, don’t miss out!
    Environmental Awareness
    So keeping in mind the festival is not only going to be about drinks and food. But is also going to be about how we can take care of our environment and maintain this place we call home. During the festival, they also tell you why it’s important to save the cashew trees and use healthy farming practices that can be good for the earth. This festival is also a reminder that we need to protect our planet so that we can have more of such fruity festivals and celebrate the Goan spirit.
    Evening Splendor
    As it gets darker the festival gets more vibrant, as the music starts playing and people start having more fun. The people dance to traditional Goan music and also watch performers perform their magic. Every year The Cashew Fest keeps getting better and better.