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  • Fresh efforts to revive cashew nuts 03/07/2024

    Mar 7th, 2024

    Three decades after the collapse of the State-owned Kenya Cashew Nut Limited factory in Kilifi, the industry continues to face major problems, with farmers feeling the heat. The growth of the crop has dropped significantly as most farmers abandoned it due to low prices for raw cashew nuts yielding varieties and lack of capacity in value addition by local farmers, among other challenges. When the factory collapsed, so did the hopes and fortunes of hundreds of farmers along the coastal belt who directly depended on the crop. It was a leading cash crop in Kilifi, Kwale and Lamu counties, where some farmers had become millionaires only to be reduced to paupers after the factory went under. Various stakeholders and Kilifi County government are raising funds to revive the once-thriving cashew nut industry that collapsed more than three decades ago due to mismanagement.