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  • Favourable weather boosts cashew out 06/10/2023

    Jun 10th, 2023

    With favourable weather, cashew growers from Bicholim have done well this season as compared to that of the past few years. They had suffered losses for the past consecutive years due to unseasonal rainfall. A delayed monsoon has benefitted cashew production, with the season lasting for four months. “The rise in cashew production is almost 25%, and it has also boosted feni production,” said a farmer, adding, “Had it rained, we would have had to shut production within two-and and-a-half months or even earlier.” In Bicholim, Mayem, Karapur, Pilgao, Dhumacem Kudchirem, Ladfe, Narvem, Usap, Kasarpal and Nanora have cashew plantations.