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  • Economic model of organic coffee - cashew for high income

    Apr 1st, 2024

    In 2023, Binh Phuoc will have a number of finished coffee products with 4-star OCOP certification, extracted from coffee growing areas under cashew trees, with typical regional flavors. These coffee gardens are organically cared for and ripen naturally at the same time; Enterprises buy from the garden at prices higher than the market.

    The output is resolved, many gardeners in Binh Phuoc have caught up to develop the model of intercropping coffee and cashew in an organic direction. Accordingly, use organic fertilizers and sprays specially made from spices such as garlic, chili...

    Organic care does not produce a sudden increase in yield, but the tree will produce almost steady yields year after year. At the same time, when using organic fertilizers, gardeners do not need to wait for the weather, wait for rain, or irrigate like every time they add inorganic fertilizers; Don't be afraid of hot sun and lack of water leading to waste of fertilizer.

    The economic model has conditions for high income
    Organic care does not produce a sudden increase in yield, but the tree will produce almost steady yields year after year.
    Mr. Luu Van Chung (Bu Dang district, Binh Phuoc province) said: "To reduce fertilizer, I take advantage of branches, leaves, and discarded plant residue to compost and add Trichoderma mushrooms. Under the shade of cashew, the coffee will taste better, and I have two sources of income."

    Currently, gardeners in Binh Phuoc grow 3 types of coffee: TS1, Green Dwarf and Thien Truong. These varieties have quite high yields, suitable for the soil and climate here.

    To create products that meet input standards for businesses, many gardeners have joined together in a cooperative network, implementing a unified care and harvesting process.

    The economic model has conditions for high income
    The model of intercropping cashew and coffee brings high economic efficiency.
    According to Mr. Pham Van Hung in Bu Dang district, Binh Phuoc province, applying organic fertilizer increases the humus level in the soil, microorganisms are also more active, so the soil will be loose, helping plants grow well. When intercropping coffee and cashews, they will be planted at a lower density, and the gardener will spend less time taking care of them. "With the model of growing coffee under a cashew canopy, when you put fertilizer on coffee, you also put fertilizer on cashews. Watering coffee also means watering cashews, so the yield is higher than usual" - Mr. Hung said.

    Cashew is a rather fastidious agricultural product. During the flowering season, if there are a few heavy rains, the flowers will be damaged and it will be difficult to bear fruit; But the sun is too hot and the tree can't stand it. In recent years, the weather has become hotter and hotter, causing cashew trees to flower, but they often dry out, making it difficult to bear fruit. Intercropping with coffee and using the same irrigation water source helps cashew trees have enough water needed to bloom and set fruit, for a more abundant harvest.