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  • Da Huoai - Lam Dong: Converting 200 hectares of cashew and mixed gardens with low economic value 08/24/2023

    Aug 24th, 2023

    Along with measures to improve, replant, and increase productivity, Da Huoai district continues to propagate and mobilize people to proactively convert cashew areas and unproductive mixed gardens to some economically valuable crops. High. Da Huoai district currently has a total crop area estimated at 15,000 hectares, of which cashew trees reach 6,240 hectares, with an average yield of about 6.68 quintals/ha; In addition, the number of areas of durian, rambutan, mangosteen, rubber, tea trees... In recent times, local authorities have focused on mobilizing farmers to prune branches to create canopy and fertilize cashew trees in their growing season. harvested with an area of ​​3,5000 hectares. In addition, for the area of ​​cashew and mixed gardens with low productivity and low efficiency, Da Huoai district has proactively converted some old areas, located in favorable locations, to growing mulberry trees, raising silkworms, and edible plants. fruits and short-term crops. In addition, the locality also actively propagates and mobilizes people to apply science and technology in production, contributing to improving crop productivity. In 2023, the whole district aims to convert about 200 hectares of low-yield cashew and mixed gardens to growing other crops with higher economic value./.