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  • Choosing Form C/O for cashew kernels for export is necessary 09/26/2022

    Sep 26th, 2022

    The conference aims to help members and businesses understand the mechanism, principles and procedures for applying for CO for each different source of raw cashew, thereby making the most of available sources to apply for CO, avoiding mistakes. unwarranted crime. Binh Phuoc is a vibrant cashew business and production place with 1,416 cashew nut processing establishments, 140 small and medium enterprises and more than 1,200 micro enterprises, 39 cooperative production groups with more than 500 members participating in activities. in the form of supporting each other in production linkage, towards closed chain production. In which, there are more than 200 enterprises engaged in import and export of cashew kernels. The cashew industry is making a great contribution to the province's economic growth when accounting for one-third of the province's total annual export turnover. Select a form that can be used as a form Members and businesses participating in the conference According to the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between Vietnam and some countries, when exporting cashew nuts to these markets, if they have CO certification, they will be exempt from import tax. Recently, some members and businesses mistakenly thought that in order to get CO, they had to be goods of Vietnamese origin, so they sought to declare goods of Vietnamese origin. However, in the first 6 months of 2022, Binh Phuoc Customs Department established post-clearance inspection teams at the headquarters of more than 40 businesses in the province, recording many violations that businesses often make such as: false declaration of goods name, origin, unit of calculation, code of type of export shipment of cashew kernels; false declaration of quantity and value compared with the actual import of some imported goods; providing documents and documents that are not in accordance with the actual request of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to issue CO certification. Select a form that can be used as a form Members, businesses exchange at the conference Besides, in some cases, enterprises change the purpose of using imported raw materials and auxiliary materials without declaring to the customs authority; improper management of imported raw materials and auxiliary materials so that the actual inventory has a negative difference with the inventory on the customs declaration file; making a settlement report that is not consistent with actual use; handling a quantity of imported scrap according to the type of production and export in contravention of regulations… At the conference, a CO expert from the Ministry of Industry and Trade shared experiences and guided businesses on procedures for applying for origin, rules of origin and specific items for businesses to achieve the purpose of exporting to Vietnam. markets of China, Japan, Korea and ASEAN countries in accordance with current regulations and offset imported raw cashew. Select a form that can be used as a form Chairman of Binh Phuoc Cashew Association Vu Thai Son shared at the conference Speaking at the conference, Chairman of Binh Phuoc Cashew Association Vu Thai Son said that currently, Vietnam has signed many agreements with other countries (each agreement comes with its own CO form). In particular, many agreements stipulate that raw cashews imported from Africa and Cambodia need only be processed in Vietnam to be exempt from import tax into Korea. Or between ASEAN, there is a treaty that raw cashews originating in Cambodia or Indonesia, produced in Vietnam and exported to countries such as ASEAN and China are also exempt from import tax... Thus, the declaration of goods' names , origin, unit of measurement and it is very necessary to give the CO application form for the shipment type code. If the business owner, the employee doing the import and export do it wrong, the cashew nut export business will suffer huge losses.