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  • Cashew: Togo launches sales campaign for 2024 03/16/2024

    Mar 16th, 2024

    Togo produced 38,880 tons of cashews in 2023. This is against 22,937 tons in 2019 (+70%). The figure was disclosed by the Interprofessional Council for Cashew in Togo (CIFAT), on March 14. The same day, the country launched its new cashew sales campaign for the year. While production has grown significantly in the past five years, processing still lags. “From 2019 to 2023 on average 21.28% of the output was processed per year”, said Komlan Gozan, CIFAT Chairman. “Together, we must strive to ensure availability and quality of cashew products, to meet international standards, to have farmers earn fair amounts, and to create sustainable partnerships with stakeholders in the sector,” he added. Established in 2016, the CIFAT regroups five associations and federations of stakeholders, the COPAT, the FNCPATOGO, the 3A-TOGO, the ATTA, and the CEFA.