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  • Cashew yield is high; But farmers are suffering - what is the reason? 06/25/2023

    Jun 25th, 2023

    When it comes to cashew, its price makes everyone think. This nutrient-rich cashew is grown in Pudukottai district next to Panrutti in Tamil Nadu. Cashew is cultivated in 15 thousand acres. Mainly farmers from K. Rasimangalam, Gandharvakottai, Thiruvarangulam, Karambakudi, Gunnardarkovil, Aranthangi and many other areas are cultivating cashew under rainfed and drip system. As the demand for cashew nut is increasing day by day, this year “Mundri Kota” has overtaken its name and given high yield. But the prices have come down as the traders have not come to buy in such a level that the farmers cannot be happy and the price has come as a shock. It is also noteworthy that more than 70 percent of processed cashews are exported from India to various countries of the world. In many parts of Pudukottai district, cashews are supporting most of the farmers. Although the yield was low, the price rose from time to time and saved the farmers. But this time the situation has turned upside down. Panguni, Chitrai and Vaikasi are the only months of the year when cashews ripen. Cashews are attacked by tea mosquitoes, aphids and aphids, which reduce the yield. But this year the weather was wonderful. It also rained well. No moth attack. In this way nature gave an acre where 3 bundles were grown last year, now 4 bundles of cashew nuts have been yielded per acre. The operation was successful... but the patient was out. That is the story that happened to the farmers. Traders never came to increase cashew nut yield. As a result, the farmers sell little by little to the traders in the local area, i.e. 2 bundles, 5 bundles. That and the money will not come immediately. It will come little by little. So, this year we are suffering from test after test. Ashok David, a cashew farmer from K. Rasimangalam area of ​​Alangudi taluk of Pudukottai district said, "I only farm cashews. I have a cashew mill in 20 acres. I have to plow 4 times per acre and spray medicine 4 times. I have to pay Rs. 16,000 for plowing and Rs. 4 for medicine. A total cost of Rs.20 thousand per acre is 3 bundles of cashew nuts per acre last year.This year the yield has increased from 4 bundles per acre to 5 bundles per acre due to good weather. Last year, a bundle of 80 kg went from Rs.8,500 to Rs.9,000. As soon as the harvest was over, the traders came and bought and left. Traders usually come from Panruti, Vrudhachalam, Vodiyarpalayam and Puducherry. Check the quality of cashew nuts and buy immediately and pay. But this year so far not a single trader has peeped. Although the yield is high, there is no one to buy. That is why we sell 3 bundles, 5 bundles to local traders. That too, the price of an 80 kg bundle is Rs. 7 thousand. Money also comes late. We are left with no other option. They say that they have imported cashew nuts and cashew nuts from other states this year. To get rid of these problems, the same way the government should purchase paddy, the government should set a permanent price for cashew nuts," he said. "Until last year, one kilogram of cashew nut was priced at Rs. 100, this year one kilogram of cashew nut did not even go for Rs. 70. You have to face loss without getting the right price. The main demand of the farmers around Adhanakotta is that if the cashew factory is established in the area, we expect to get the right price for the cashew nuts we have grown," said the cashew farmers.