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  • Cashew sector / Waiting for the official farm gate price: producers forced to store their raw nuts 02/19/2024

    Feb 19th, 2024

    Ivory Coast is preparing to announce the farm gate price to producers in a few days, which will mark the official opening of the 2024 cashew season. This price announcement, which is eagerly awaited by producers and all other players in the value chain of the cashew sector, gives rise to legitimate concerns on the part of processors and exporters. Like every year, players in the sector must wait several weeks to know the official farm gate price, while raw cashew nuts are already being harvested by producers from the beginning of February. Planters who harvest the first nuts between the end of January and the beginning of February must store them for several weeks in difficult and unfavorable conditions, then wait for the announcement of the official price to start sales. This has an impact on their income and the quality of the nuts, some of which deteriorate. This deplorable situation of waiting for the official price impacts not only producers, but also processors who cannot obtain supplies. Processors who only have 3 or 4 months to obtain supplies due to the short duration of the cashew campaign (February to May-June) are also victims of this delay in announcing the official price. The director of an international processing factory explains: “We do not understand why prices cannot be announced in January before the start of the campaign as is done in cocoa. Every year, for 10 years, we have deplored this situation, but without our being heard. This year again, our factories remain without supplies, while the nuts deteriorate in the bush.