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  • Cashew nut quality: The Cashew Cotton Council raises awareness in Kabadougou 02/26/2024

    Feb 26th, 2024

    In order to guarantee the quality of its production, to perpetuate the Cashew sector in Côte d'Ivoire and to maintain its rank as the world's leading producer of Cashew nuts, the Council for Regulation, Monitoring and Development of the cotton and cashew sectors, in short, the Cotton and Cashew Nut Council has put in place a set of measures aimed at better controlling the cashew nut production and marketing chain. These structures bringing together all the authorities and players in the sector are grouped within departmental monitoring committees to monitor the marketing of cashew nuts. With the aim of correcting persistent dysfunctions and creating the conditions for better profitability. As part of the operation of these committees, the Cotton and Cashew Council organized regional workshops in producing areas from February 19 to 24. Objective for this campaign, to review the system for monitoring the domestic marketing of cashew nuts, identify dysfunctions, teach and raise awareness on good practices, new challenges and measures to combat the illicit export of cashew nuts to neighboring countries. Awareness raising in the Kabadougou region In the Kabadougou region where the team from the Conton and Cashew Council went with the entire prefectural body, it is the locality of Bako about forty km from Odienné, in a cashew tree, that producers and trackers have been instructed. Aké Nongbe Édouard, on behalf of DG Dr Adama Coulibaly, made known the important role of each actor, including the producers. He stressed that the Kabadougou region produces 10% of national production, or 112,912 tonnes of cashew nuts, each actor must play their role to the extent that quality remains the determining factor in the sale and purchase price of cashew nuts. cashew, both nationally and internationally. And to insist on quality. “Quality is everyone’s business. Today's meeting is therefore an opportunity for us to encourage each actor to make their share of sacrifice, to assume their share of responsibility, in order to improve the perception of the quality of "cashew nuts from Côte d'Ivoire." . » Hence our campaign slogan for this year 2024 “For a better price, I commit to drying and sorting my cashew nuts well”. And added: “I therefore urge producers to respect all good harvest and post-harvest practices before marketing their production (...) dear actors in the value chain, scrupulous compliance with the provisions of the marketing will allow each of you to benefit from the fruits of the reform desired by the State of Côte d'Ivoire and to make the cashew sector more competitive for the happiness of all", insisted, Aka Nongbe Édouard, emissary of the director general of the Cashew cotton advice. The regional prefect, Kouamé René Famy, insisted on respecting the best practices taught, in particular on properly drying and sorting nuts; store the nuts in suitable places while waiting to market them. Each producer must commit to clean production of well-dried and well-sorted cashew nuts. The objective is to allow you to have means equal to the sacrifice of your harvest. Tips for caring for cashew trees Professor N'depo Ossey, teacher-researcher at Lorougnon Guédé University in Daloa, instructed the producers present on the best harvesting and drying practices but also and above all on the diseases which attack the nuts. He advised on the healthy and rational use of cashew field maintenance products, which are often misused and which have an impact on the quality of the cashew nuts. He also made stakeholders aware of the advantages of using alternative methods as means of combating cashew tree pests. Soro Lamine, representative of producers, president of an umbrella group of producers, welcomed the initiative of the workshop which allows producers to correct their inadequacies and put into practice the instructions received. This workshop on raising awareness among producers and on the advantages linked to the production of clean, well-dried, well-sorted and well-stored raw cashew nuts was greatly appreciated by stakeholders in the Kabadougou region. They promised to pass on the teaching received to other producers who were unable to make the trip.