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  • Cashew nut exports decrease in key markets 04/12/2022

    Apr 12th, 2022

    After a period of responding to the COVID-19 epidemic, Vietnam's cashew import markets have fluctuated, resulting in cashew exports being affected, especially key markets. According to statistics of the General Department of Customs, in March 2022, Vietnam's cashew processing and exporting industry exported 40,000 tons, reaching a turnover of 241 million USD, down by more than 11% in volume and 9% in value compared to that of the General Department of Customs. same period in 2021. For the whole first quarter of 2022, Vietnam's cashew exports reached 105,000 tons, earning 630 million USD, down 6.7% in volume, down 5% in value over the same period in 2021. Explaining the slight decrease in cashew exports in the first quarter of 2021, a representative of the Vietnam Cashew Association said that although the US, Germany, UK, and France markets increased imports of Vietnam's W320 cashews, but Many traditional key markets of Vietnam's cashew industry fell sharply, especially W320 cashew nuts, such as the Netherlands, Canada, China, Italy, and Russia. Meanwhile, the structure of cashew nut exports of Vietnam focuses mainly on cashew nuts W320, W240, WS/WB. Particularly, W320 cashew nut exports accounted for more than 40% of the total volume and more than 50% of the total value in the first quarter of 2022. In addition, in mid-March 2022, there was a problem with many containers of cashew nuts exported by Vietnamese enterprises to Italy. The loss of import-export documents made it impossible for both sellers, who are Vietnamese enterprises, to sell goods, affecting the total volume and value in the first quarter of 2022. Up to now, the number of undocumented containers has been controlled. According to information from the Vietnam Trade Office in Italy, the Vietnam Trade Office in Italy is currently working with lawyers and related units such as police, port officials, and shipping units in Naples, Italy, where Most of the shipping containers come here to "retain" this shipment that has lost this document. Currently, the Vietnamese side has regained control of 12 shipments by proving that the recipient has nothing to do with these shipments, even has never purchased with a Vietnamese partner, there are 20 other containers. are exported to new partners in Turkey, the Netherlands or in Italy. The remaining 3 containers have been notified to the shipping side and are returning to Vietnam from transshipment ports. The remaining 74 containers of cashew nuts have found a set of documents and are safely delivered to customers at the end of March 2022, a representative of the Vietnam Cashew Association shared.