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  • Cashew nut exports bring in more than 1.6 billion USD 07/13/2023

    Jul 13th, 2023

    Currently, factories continue to sign many new orders and the demand for this item has started to increase again. Busy purchasing, promoting processing… air at cashew export factories in Binh Phuoc. Many units have to increase processing capacity to keep up with signed orders for the last 2 quarters of the year. "We ask factories to increase output, excess output for inventory so that when the market needs it, we can export immediately," said Mr. Vu Thai Son, General Director of Long Son Joint Stock Company, Chairman of the Association. Article Binh Phuoc, said. "Currently, enterprises export 4-6 containers every month to China. It is expected that after the Prime Minister's trip, customs clearance procedures will be more convenient," said Mr. Truong Van Tan, Director of Thanh Duoc Trading Co., Ltd. , Binh Phuoc, share. Investment in deep processing and product diversification is an advantage for Vietnam's cashew nuts to easily compete for export. Typically, Hanfimex Group Joint Stock Company always signed export orders to difficult markets thanks to many delicious and high-quality products. severance is worth more than 16 billion usd In the past 6 months, Vietnam exported 276,000 tons of cashew nuts, bringing in more than 1.6 billion USD. (Illustration image - Photo: Investment Newspaper) "We invest in new technologies such as organic fumigation to clean cashews, without using drugs, to improve value. Good products will have the opportunity to develop. After investing in technology, we already exported to European, American and Japanese markets," said Mr. Phung Van Sam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hanfimex Group Joint Stock Company. In the past 6 months, Vietnam exported 276,000 tons of cashew nuts, bringing in more than 1.6 billion USD. Currently, the average export price of Vietnam's cashew nuts is more than 6,500 USD/ton. Improving quality, diversifying products and making good use of market opportunities will help this billion-dollar industry continue to grow and break through. Improve production and quality of Vietnamese cashew This year, the cashew industry aims to export more than 3.1 billion USD. Besides the favorable factors, this industry still faces many challenges. Notably, factories have to depend on 50-60% of imported materials. To improve this problem, the key step is to promote the improvement and improvement of the output and quality of Vietnam's cashew trees. For more than 20 years with cashew trees, according to Mr. Kinh (Tan Lap commune, Dong Phu, Binh Phuoc), to improve the output and quality of cashew nuts in Vietnam, the best solution is to have good seedlings. He also diligently researched, researched, planted experimentally and replicated many new varieties of cashew with outstanding characteristics. "In cashew production, variety is a very important factor. I researched this variety for early flowering and concentrated fruit, seeds with beautiful, bright colors, easy to separate from silk, fragrant," said Mr. Tran. Kim Kinh, Tan Lap commune, Dong Phu, Binh Phuoc, shared. Cashew is the main crop of Binh Phuoc, with an area of ​​more than 152,000 hectares. In order to improve quality seeds to serve the above mentioned cashew production area, the provincial agricultural sector is actively implementing many synchronous solutions. "The quality of Binh Phuoc cashew is very delicious and greasy. We hope that in the coming time, we will create more effective varieties for farmers," said Mr. Vu Thai Son, General Director of Long Son Joint Stock Company, owner. President of Binh Phuoc Cashew Association, said. Thanks to the possession of many high-quality varieties, the cashew yield of Binh Phuoc has increased year by year and is currently at 170,000 tons/year. In particular, the agricultural sector is still early to have a planning map of the production area suitable to the soil or register for the grant of geographical indications for products. This is a scientific and methodical step to help Binh Phuoc cashew industry in particular and the whole country in general develop sustainably.