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  • Cashew Rate: Controversy over cashew rate ends, cashew subsidy of Rs 10 from the government, important decision in the meeting

    Apr 11th, 2024

    There was a heated debate over cashew rate in Sindhudurg district for the past few days. Meanwhile, an important meeting was held yesterday. The dispute over the cashew tariff has finally come to an end. Cashew will be priced at Rs 130 with government subsidy of Rs 10.

    A similar decision in this regard was taken today in the presence of School Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar and District Bank President Manish Dalvi in ​​a meeting of farmers and industrialists. Vilas Sawant, president of Sindhudurg Farmers Fruit Gardeners Association said that they are satisfied with this rate for this year.


    Minister Kesarkar explained that the government grant of Rs.10 will be given after the code of conduct. Sindhudurg farmers and orchardists were firm on the demand that cashew bee in the district should get a rate of Rs 197 on the lines of the Swaminathan Commission; But the farmers were upset as there was no compromise in this regard. He had taken an aggressive stance. Kesarkar took the initiative to resolve this rift.


    However, no concrete decision was made. Because of this, there was constant displeasure in the team. Against this backdrop, Kesarkar called a meeting of farmers and orchardists' association and factory owners.


    In this, it was decided to remove the displeasure of the cashew growers by taking the government subsidy and paying them a rate of Rs. In this regard, Kesarkar said, "While buying cashew seeds from farmers in the district, it was agreed to buy cashews priced at Rs 115 in the market and cashews priced at Rs 115 at Rs 120. A subsidy of Rs 10 will be given from the government.