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  • Cashew Rate: Cashew Bee rate fixed at Rs.110

    Apr 11th, 2024

    Although the cashew bee arrival is decreasing in Sindhudurg district, the price of cashew bee is still fixed at Rs. 110 per kg. Meanwhile, cashew growers are also unhappy as there is no clarity on the subsidy of Rs 10 per kg.


    The cashew growers of Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri districts have been aggressively agitating for the demand of at least Rs 100 per kg guarantee for cashew seeds for the past few months. After that, some ministers said that they will give a rate of Rs. 135 per kg, while some ruling representatives said that the government will give a subsidy of Rs. 10 per kg.


    At present, cashew nuts are fetching a price of Rs. 110 per kg in Beela district. 120 rupees per kg in Banda market. Although the expected arrival of cashew is still not happening, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction among the cashew growers as the cashew seed is not fetching the expected price.


    In addition, there is dissatisfaction among producers due to ambiguity regarding cashew seed subsidy. The present price is not even comparable to cashew production. Due to this, cashew nut producers are likely to face financial difficulties.