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  • Cashew Plant Boost for Jamshedpur Agriculture 02/03/2024

    Feb 3rd, 2024

    In a strategic move to fortify the agricultural sector, the District Magistrate cum Deputy Commissioner Shri Manjunath Bhajantri spearheaded a comprehensive review meeting focused on the agricultural and allied departments. The meeting saw the presence of key officials including Additional Deputy Commissioner Mr. Jaideep Tigga, District Planning Officer Mr. Arun Dwivedi, and various department heads, underscoring the administration’s commitment to agricultural development. A multifaceted discussion on departmental schemes covering agriculture, animal husbandry, and more highlighted the administration’s drive to improve farmer livelihoods and soil health. Strategies to promote agricultural entrepreneurship and improve produce prices were central to the discussions, aiming to transition farmers from subsistence to commercial farming. The initiative to widen the reach of agricultural schemes was emphasized, targeting enhanced irrigation solutions and scientific farming practices for local farmers. The review underscored the urgency of implementing schemes effectively, particularly in cooperative sectors, to ensure farmers reap maximum benefits. Discussions on establishing a cashew processing facility in the Chakulia and Baharagora areas were pivotal, aiming to elevate the economic status of cashew farmers. This plant is expected to not only boost cashew production but also offer employment opportunities, contributing significantly to the rural economy. The meeting concluded with a call to action for officials to facilitate better market access for farmers, ensuring their hard work translates to better financial returns. Through focused efforts on agricultural training and soil conservation, the administration aims to enhance farm yields and promote self-reliance among farmers.