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  • Cashew MSP : Demand to declare guaranteed price of cashew in budget session 02/27/2024

    Feb 27th, 2024

    Cashew growers have warned the government that cashew growers will boycott the Lok Sabha elections if no positive decision is taken regarding cashew guarantee in the budget session. Apart from this, Rasta-Roko movement has also been announced to attract the attention of the government. A meeting of cashew growers in Dodamarg Sawantwadi taluk was held on Monday (26). Vilas Sawant, President of Fruit Growers Association, Cashew Growers Diwakar Mhavlankar, Praveen Parab, Laxman Naik, Bala Gavas, Akash Naik, Santosh Desai etc were present in this meeting. On February 16, cashew growers staged a dharna in front of the Tehsil office to draw the attention of the state government to get guaranteed price for cashew nuts. The main demand of the horticulturists was to give a guaranteed price of Rs 200 for cashew seed. Accordingly, the horticulturists demanded that the state government should take a decision like the Goa government had given relief to cashew growers in Goa by giving a guarantee of Rs 150. But the state government has not taken any decision till date. Government does not seem favorable to guarantee price of cashew seed . So now we have no option but to agitate more aggressively. Therefore, the producers have decided to hold a Rasta-Roko protest in the coming days. The meeting also decided to boycott the Lok Sabha elections if no decision is taken regarding cashew guarantee in the coming budget session.