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  • CAC expands cashew markets with key reps 02/11/2024

    Feb 11th, 2024

    The Cashew nuts Association of Cambodia (CAC) has expanded its reach by appointing representatives to key markets in India, China, Japan and across Asia. CAC president Uon Silot revealed the appointments on February 10, naming Rachou Kathic Kuma for India, Imaha Shita Kayuki for Japan, Xin Jingyu for China and Lim Khean Huor for Asia and Southeast Asia. “The strategic appointment of these four representatives aims to expand market opportunities and attract investors to Cambodia’s processing sector. Progressively, we have been procuring materials and resources towards this objective,” he said. “While India ranks second globally in raw cashew nut production, it remains a promising market for Cambodia due to its significant domestic consumption. With minimal exports, India’s large population represents a substantial market for Cambodian cashew nuts, making it a promising destination for our products,” he said. The CAC also announced plans to dispatch more representatives to countries importing Cambodian cashew nuts, streamlining access to pertinent information. These representatives will furnish details on investment opportunities in cashew nut processing, aiming to position the nation as a leading cashew nut exporter in the future. Recalling a recent development, the CAC, one of the world’s leading producers, entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the African Cashew Alliance (ACA) to enhance industry collaboration. The MoU seeks to facilitate knowledge exchange through study trips between African and Cambodian cashew nut producers. It also aims to support farm and processing facility visits, participation in forums and conferences and technical training conducted by both entities. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Kingdom boasts approximately 472,946ha of cashew cultivation, yielding a total of 709,419 tonnes in 2023. Last year, the country exported approximately 656,000 tonnes of raw cashews to China, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Thailand. Processed cashew nuts were shipped to China, the Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Vietnam and the US.