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  • Boké: planters struggle to sell cashew nuts for lack of takers 10/28/2022

    Oct 28th, 2022

    In Boké, cashew producers in the region have been struggling to sell their production since the end of the harvest. Thousands of bags are stored in the department stores of the urban commune waiting for a taker while the nuts are already beginning to germinate under the effect of the humidity. These planters are calling on the State for help, at the risk of incurring huge losses. Since the end of this season's harvest campaign, planters are still waiting for takers to sell their product. The two large stock stores in the prefecture 400 and Baralandé have been full of cashew nuts for months. Thousands of bags are visibly stacked waiting for a taker. El hadj Alimou president of the regional chamber of commerce, industry and crafts takes stock of the situation "we have identified up to 7,995 tons, about 8,000 tons which are today in stores in the town urban area of ​​Boké, and we have no less than 15,000 tons in all the Boké region. Frankly, it is a concern that is there because it slows down the whole movement as you know it is a sector that was a growth driver for farmers” he suggested. These figures are chilling, especially since the Boké region is an area of ​​excellence in the production of cashew nuts in the country. For fifty years, planters have oriented their cultivation in this area because of its yield. The absence of customers this year, worries farmers when the campaign has ended for months indicates Bayo Guirassy, ​​president of planters "since 1985 we have stopped planting mango trees to grow cashew, currently it is is our main activity and has been for several years. This year we had a lot of difficulties, because it didn't work, and if our production doesn't work it will discourage a lot of growers. If this year does not work, it is certain that next year in 2023 the campaign will not take place,” he warns. In stores, a significant amount of cashews are beginning to sprout. Mama Yeressa one of the planters calls on the State for help "we finished the harvest months ago and the nuts are stored in the stores, we want to resell them but we really can't manage to do it, we all did it, we ask it's up to the government to help us, the nuts are sprouting where they are deposited," she says. The COVID-19 crisis and the Russo-Ukrainian war are the cause of this difficulty affecting the cashew sector, indicates the president of the chamber of commerce. In addition, Alimou Diallo is now offering the Guinean State to promote processing chains on the spot as in India and Vietnam.