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  • Binh Phuoc: Solutions to improve the yield of cashew trees 05/26/2023

    May 26th, 2023

    his year's cashew crop is quite difficult for farmers in Binh Phuoc province when the cashew crop has both lost its crop and its price. This year's cashew output is lower than that of the 2022 crop. However, some cashew growing areas in Binh Thang commune, Bu Gia Map district still have a good harvest. In addition to the favorable weather, regular care and care of the garden is also an important factor to help Binh Thang farmers firmly believe in cashew trees. At the end of the season, the cashew garden of Mr. Vu Dinh Thoan's family in hamlet 7, Binh Thang commune still has a lot of fruit on the tree. Under the ground, ripe cashews fell into large flaps, but his family did not have enough work to collect them. This year's crop, his family's cashew garden is more than 20 years old but still has an average yield of 2-2.5 tons/ha, higher than in 2022. this year will be the season. However, after a while seeing that the flower did not bear fruit, I was also worried. But in the crop, the crop is successful and wrong, not only me, but all farmers here are happy," - Mr. Thoan shared. The army is in the final stages of development Well cared for, fertilized, sprayed at the right time, this year's crop, the cashew garden of Mr. Vu Dinh Thoan's family, despite being more than 20 years old, still achieves an average yield of 2-2.5 tons/ha Sticking with the cashew tree for decades, experience from taking care of it plus favorable weather helps his family have another good year. “My family's cashew garden and the people here have high productivity, so it is always interested and learned by everyone. We take good care of it, fertilize and spray at the right time, so the fruit setting rate is high," said Mr. Thoan. According to cashew farmers in Binh Thang commune, the weather in this area is more favorable than in other areas. The time when cashew trees are flowering and fruiting, there is little rain, which does not affect too much. Moreover, people are also very interested in taking care of them, regularly fertilizing, pruning branches, creating canopy for trees. When pests and diseases appear, farmers handle them immediately, so they do not suffer too much damage. Mr. Le Loc from hamlet 1, Binh Thang commune shared: “We have to apply science and technology, and spray pesticides properly. In one crop, I sprayed 6 times, there were 7 times in the area, and I applied fertilizer 2 times, so the new thing was productive." The army is in the final stages of development Mr. Le Loc's family harvested the remaining cashews at the end of the season to prepare the garden and continue to take care of the cashew tree for the next season. Mr. Loc is one of the famous cashew growers in Binh Thang commune because his cashew garden almost always has a good harvest every year. “I have to visit the garden regularly, if I find pests and diseases, I will treat them immediately. Only 1-2 days delay will cause damage. On average, the family's cashew garden reaches 3 tons/ha or more, in some years it reaches 4 tons/ha," said Mr. Loc confidently. The Commune Farmers' Association regularly goes to learn experiences and organizes scientific - technical training for farmers as well as propagandizes and supports people to access and apply science and technology in caring for cashew orchards to improve their health. high productivity and output. Therefore, the area of ​​cashew in the commune over the years has been maintained and has not changed much. Mr. HO THANH HO, Vice Chairman of Binh Thang Commune Farmers' Association Binh Thang commune currently has more than 2,000 hectares of cashew. According to the assessment, the average yield of this year's cashew crop in the commune is more than 2 tons/ha, in areas with good soil quality, more than 3 tons/ha. This is the basis for Binh Thang farmers to confidently continue to stick with cashew trees. The experience of cashew growers in Binh Thang commune shows that planting cashew with the right technique will help the tree grow well, bring high productivity and income to farmers. In today's increasingly unpredictable weather conditions, standard care will help plants become less dependent on the weather, and people will feel more secure with cashew trees.