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  • Binh Phuoc: Solutions to cope with difficult situations in cashew business, production and processing

    Apr 6th, 2024

    According to Chairman of Binh Phuoc Cashew Association Vu Thai Son, Vietnam depends heavily on importing cashew raw materials from Africa, on average importing more than 2 million tons each year. The situation of this year's cashew crop in the world and Vietnam is not favorable due to the impact of climate change and political factors. Besides, African cashew businesses are applying machines very well. machinery, science and technology aimed at self-processing raw materials on the spot, some countries banned exports... which has increased the price of cashew raw materials, while the price of Vietnam's cashew raw materials for export is low. Therefore, the situation of Vietnamese businesses in general and Binh Phuoc cashew businesses is facing many difficulties.

    At the conference, Chairman of Binh Phuoc Cashew Association Vu Thai Son updated members and businesses with some information about the crop situation, prices, market trends and orientation of some purchasing options. cashew production and processing in the near future.Also at the conference, members and businesses discussed and agreed on a number of strategic options to deal with the current difficult situation such as: increasing the price of cashew kernels, forcing the price of imported raw cashews, by buying less. On the contrary, the structure reduces production. To do that, members and cashew businesses need to unite and work together.