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  • Binh Phuoc attracts investment in agricultural product processing 05/26/2023

    May 26th, 2023

    Recently, Japfa Vietnam inaugurated and put into operation an animal feed factory and a poultry slaughterhouse in Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Park, Dong No Commune, Hon Quan District, Binh Phuoc Province. These two factories are part of a closed livestock chain project that Japfa Vietnam is investing in in Binh Phuoc with a total capital of 230 million USD. With the above total investment capital, it can be seen that the project that Japfa Vietnam is implementing in Binh Phuoc is a large-scale livestock project. According to Mr. Arif Widjaja, this project has helped Binh Phuoc become the province with the largest investment activities of Japfa Vietnam and is a very important step for the company to complete the Feed-Farm-Food supply chain. . Why did Japfa Vietnam choose Binh Phuoc to implement the company's largest livestock project? Mr. Arif Widjaja shared, “Before deciding to invest in Binh Phuoc, we surveyed and assessed that this is a province that converges factors for development including convenient transport infrastructure and land fund for agricultural development. application of high technology and stable mechanisms and policies, helping to solve administrative procedures always quickly and effectively". Mr. Arif Widjaja's sharing gave a basic overview of Binh Phuoc's advantages in attracting investment in the processing industry, including agricultural product processing. First of all, Binh Phuoc has an abundant agricultural land fund to be able to plan the development of large-scale planting and breeding material areas to provide stable input materials for the processing industry of key products. such as cashew nuts, wood processing and food processing (from pork, chicken, fruit). The military has attracted investment capital to cover the area's income A processing line for chicken products at a factory in Binh Phuoc. Photo: Nguyen Thuy. In order to promote the above advantages, in recent years, Binh Phuoc is focusing on investment to perfect and develop transport, trade - service infrastructure, ICD inland port associated with regions and countries neighboring house. The province also promotes administrative reform and effective application of e-government ... Thereby, maximum support for investors to develop raw material areas, improve production, processing and export capacity. export. As for the livestock industry, up to now, in Binh Phuoc province, 6 districts and towns have been recognized by the Department of Animal Health as a disease-free area for poultry. This is an important basis for CPV Food (belonging to CP Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company) to export processed chicken to Japan and some other markets. CPV Food is also a large-scale livestock project in Binh Phuoc with a total investment of 250 million USD, which has been inaugurated and put into operation since the end of 2020. Attract investment in processing agricultural products and food Besides building livestock product processing factories, Binh Phuoc province is promoting the development of the processing industry, focusing on key products such as cashew nuts, wood, and food. In September 2022, the People's Committee of Binh Phuoc province issued the Project "Development of the processing industry in Binh Phuoc province, focusing on processing cashew nuts, wood and food in the period of 2021-2025, with orientation to the year 2021". 2030". The reason Binh Phuoc chooses cashew nuts, wood and food as the focus in the development of the processing industry is because these are three areas of strength or great potential for development. The military has attracted investment capital to cover the area's income Packing processed cashew nuts at a cashew business in Binh Phuoc. Photo: Son Trang. Cashew processing is making a significant contribution to the economic growth of Binh Phuoc. Specifically, each year, cashew nuts contribute 11% to the GRDP and account for 30-45% of the province's total export turnover. Binh Phuoc's export of wood and wood products has reached 264 million USD in 2021. In the food sector, with the big projects of CPV Food, Japfa Vietnam… and the investment participation of many other leading livestock companies, Binh Phuoc is on the way to becoming one of the localities with the livestock industry. raising and processing large livestock products of the country. Besides the large breeding area, Binh Phuoc is also forming a fruit tree area with an area of ​​more than 12,000 hectares such as durian, pomelo, jackfruit, orange, tangerine, longan, mango, banana, avocado ... for durian production. more than 10,000 tons, more than 9,500 tons of jackfruit, nearly 7,200 tons of pomelo, nearly 11,200 tons of oranges and tangerines, more than 7,700 tons of longan. The fruit processing industry is having the opportunity to develop quickly from the relocation of the growing area to the province, combined with current processing technology, which will create a premise for deep processing activities, improve quality and increase competitiveness. With the above strengths, Binh Phuoc has set a goal that by 2025, the proportion of deeply processed cashew nuts will reach 15% or more, the production value of cashew nuts and cashew nut shell oil will reach over VND 43 trillion, the production value of the wood processing industry reached nearly 13 trillion dong, the production value of the processed food industry (pork, chicken, fruit) reached 23 trillion dong. At the same time, Binh Phuoc aims to 2030 with the proportion of deeply processed cashew nuts reaching 25%; the production value of cashew kernels, cashew nut products and cashew nut shell oil reached VND 69 trillion; the production value of wood processing industry reached nearly 30 thousand billion dong; the production value of the food processing industry reached nearly 28 trillion dong. To achieve these goals, Binh Phuoc is mobilizing all resources, all economic sectors, especially resources from the private economy and foreign investment (FDI), to invest in deep processing and promotion. In particular, focus on attracting investors with brands, financial potential, technological capacity and participation in the global value chain. The military has attracted investment capital to cover the area's income Binh Phuoc is forming fruit tree areas with a large area. Photo: Son Trang. In order to attract businesses to invest in the processing industry of agricultural products, wood and food, Binh Phuoc has come up with many practical solutions such as creating conditions for the availability of clean land, supporting production ground clearance. to form specialized industrial clusters, ready to attract investment; promote investment in essential infrastructure, logistics, inter-provincial and inter-regional transport infrastructure. Besides, Binh Phuoc province focuses on creating a favorable and transparent investment and business environment; promote administrative reform, effectively implement e-government; perfecting policies, incentive programs, encouraging support for small and medium enterprises... Ms. Tran Tue Hien, Chairman of Binh Phuoc Provincial People's Committee: With the current good foundation of good infrastructure, good human resources, good policies, and good public services, Binh Phuoc always welcomes and welcomes investors to learn and invest in the province. The province is also gradually building a tectonic government, accompanying businesses and investors. The province always considers the success of investors as the success of its own locality and is committed to always accompanying businesses, always listening, sharing and solving difficulties for businesses, creating all favorable conditions. benefits for businesses to invest in production and business in Binh Phuoc.