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  • Benin: more than 190,000 tons of cashew produced for the 2022 campaign according to Dossouhoui 04/04/2022

    Apr 4th, 2022

    Benin launched yesterday Friday, April 1 , 2022 its cashew nut marketing campaign in Bassila in the Donga department. Gaston Dossouhoui , the Minister of Agriculture was present at the ceremony, as was his trade counterpart Shadiya Assouman . Minister Dossouhoui hinted that this April 1 , 2022 is "a great day for producers in Benin in general and particularly for those in the cashew nut sector" . According to him, the development of this sector has been gaining momentum year after year since 2017. This is because of the “unprecedented government” commitment . “It is in this wake that the assessment of our production for the current campaign indicates more than 190,000 tonnes; thus posting an increase of more than 37% compared to the 2020-2021 campaign for which the production obtained was 137,926 tonnes,” the authority continued. Minister Dossouhoui also informs that for the current campaign, the government, via the ministry he heads, has already taken steps to facilitate the installation of 20,000 hectares of new plantations from high-performance plants and support the rehabilitation of 70,000 hectares of old plantations to increase production potential. Note that the cashew nut marketing campaign launched on April 1 , 2022 will end on October 30. The minimum purchase price from the producer is 350 FCFA per kilogram .