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  • Agriculture Dept. to Distribute Cashew Saplings this Monsoon 04/22/2023

    Apr 22nd, 2023

    The government's goal, according to the minister, is to entice all farmers who have stepped away from farming to return to the industry within the next 15-20 years. The Shiroti bandhara will cost Rs 49 lakh to build. "During the Covid pandemic, many young people realized the importance of returning to farming, and they even received compensation for their efforts." However, due to a lack of irrigation water, they have found it impossible to pursue farming, which is why I indicated we needed a lot of bandharas," said Shirodkar. Water harvesting is the foundation of farming, according to Quepem MLA Altone D'Costa, who added, "As promised by WRD, the Quepem constituency will get six new bandharas and 20 wells, for which files have been moved and reached the department concerned." Aside from the beautification of two springs in Cananguinim and Betul, as well as the construction of a retaining wall in Nuvem, estimates for five other projects in Quepem are pending financial approval, he noted. Shirodkar stated that his department will give cashew grafts for free this monsoon. "The goal is to bring 3,000 new farmers into the agriculture sector, for which we will provide as many free grafts as they desire." Cashew cultivation expanded across India's peninsula's coastal regions. Cashew trees are primarily planted in Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Odessa, West Bengal, and some portions of the North-Eastern region.