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  • Actively respond to the new requirements of the Chinese market 07/18/2022

    Jul 18th, 2022

    According to Dang Hoang Giang, General Secretary of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), regarding regulations on codes, up to this point, the cashew industry only has to meet China's regulations in Order 248 and Order 249 on the code of the exporter, without having to apply the code of the growing area, the code of the packing establishment like in the fruit and vegetable industry. However, Vinacas said that it is likely that in the near future, in addition to vegetables and fruits, the Chinese side will also require the code of the growing area and the code of the packing facility for many other agricultural products, including: cashew industry. Therefore, the cashew industry must have an early access plan to these regulations. Mr. Giang said that in order to proactively respond to new regulations from China, we must properly appreciate the importance of the Chinese market, thereby building a methodical approach to this market. than. In addition, it is necessary to concretize the commitments in the Trade Agreement between ASEAN and China as well as the trade commitments between Vietnam and China. Once the commitments are concretized, many problems will become clear. In particular, there will be specific policies for each industry, including the cashew industry. In order to actively meet the regulations of the Chinese market and other markets, Vinacas also wants the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to support the cashew industry in planning and building material areas. At the same time, standardize the processing stage, standardize the quality of finished cashew nuts according to the requirements of not only the Chinese market but also other markets. Most of the cashew product lines currently have national standards and regulations and of each processing factory. It can be said that cashew nuts are one of the key agricultural products that have been standardized through a set of standards and regulations. However, it is still necessary to conduct regular reviews to upgrade standards and regulations and update new regulations to suit the new requirements of the market. Building and organizing trade promotion programs in the Chinese market is also a very important job for the cashew industry, especially to take advantage of opportunities after the country ends the "Zero Covid" policy and This is a great opportunity to promote cashew nut exports to China in the near future and regain market share of Vietnam's cashew nut in this market. Some cashew businesses said that it wasn't until they had to register for an export business code as required by China's Order 248 and Order 249 that they knew what SPS (sanitary and phytosanitary measures) is. , What is TBT (Technical Barrier to Trade). In the past, despite many years of exporting cashew nuts, they almost didn't pay attention and care about these "fences" even though they had to approach them daily through quarantine documents. Therefore, Vinacas will establish working groups specializing in issues such as SPS and TBT to inform, guide and train businesses, thereby proactively avoiding risks for the cashew industry.