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  • A project for the promotion of agricultural practices in the cashew sector unveiled in Bondoukou 04/04/2022

    Apr 4th, 2022

    The director of INADES-Formation Côte d'Ivoire, Zié Pauline, unveiled on Monday March 28, 2022, the main axes of the project relating to the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices in the cashew nut sector in Côte d'Ivoire. This project aims to improve the conditions of workers in small processing units and the income of small producers, especially women. According to Ms. Zié, this initiative is part of the national strategy to improve the competitiveness of the cashew sector, which ultimately aims for a 50% local processing rate for cashew nuts. The project will affect nearly 2,000 producers as well as four cashew nut processing units, including that of COPACBO in Bondoukou. "It will be carried out for three years in two major producing districts of Côte d'Ivoire chosen from the districts of Savanes, Vallée du Bandama and Zanzan," she said. "It is a question of working to strengthen the technical and managerial capacities of producers in accordance with the new requirements of the European market, with a view to being able to supply products that meet the technical and social requirements of these European markets", continued Mrs Zie. The project should ultimately enable the connection between processing units and members of Ethical Trade Initiative Norway (ETN), in order to facilitate win-win trade relations. The sub-prefect of Bondoukou, Sonh Laurent, called on the populations to mobilize to supply the small units with cashew nuts and to refuse the escape of cashew nuts to the outside. "This negatively impacts the Ivorian economy to give the state the ability to build socio-economic infrastructure," he said. The consolidation of the technical, social, environmental and economic management of producer organizations and processing units will be an important focus of the project in order to guarantee the sustainability and sustainability of the achievements. In this respect, INADES-Formation Côte d'Ivoire has received funding from NORAD, through its technical partner, Ethical Trading Initiative Norway.