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  • Yamoussoukro: Prefects and regional delegates instructed on the Complaint Management Mechanism of the Cashew Value Chain Promotion Project 04/12/2022

    Apr 12th, 2022

    The prefectural body and the regional delegates of the Cotton and Cashew Council were instructed from April 7 to 8, 2022 on the operationalization of the Complaint Management Mechanism (GMP), during a workshop held at the Cashew Innovations and Technologies (CITA), in Yamoussoukro This workshop initiated by the Project for the Promotion of the Competitiveness of the Cashew Value Chain (PPCA) aims, on the one hand, to enable members of the complaints management committees to familiarize themselves with the approach and tools , and on the other hand, to facilitate the formalization and deployment of this local complaints management system within the framework of the activities of the PPCA. During two days of work, 70 members of the prefectural body and 12 regional delegates, future actors and members of local committees for the management of complaints from cashew-producing areas discussed with experts from the PPCA on the modalities of the effective implementation of the dispute resolution system. At the opening of the work, the Director General of the Cotton and Cashew Council, Coordinator of the PPCA, Dr. Adama Coulibaly welcomed the strong mobilization and involvement of the prefectural authorities in the implementation of this new management tool. conflicts. “On behalf of the entire Cotton and Cashew Council team, I would like to reiterate our thanks for your significant contribution to the development of the cashew sector. This mechanism for managing complaints, which is of strategic importance, will be chaired by the Prefects, like the Watch Committees set up for the marketing of cashew nuts,” said Dr. Adama Coulibaly. This meeting is also intended, according to the Director General of the regulatory body, to benefit from the experience of the Prefects in terms of conflict prevention and management within the specific framework of the PPCA. He also revealed that “on the basis of the first results obtained in the implementation of the PPCA, the Ivorian government has kindly entrusted the Cotton and Cashew Council with the implementation of the new social cohesion project. The financing of this project amounting to 150 million dollars, approximately 75 billion has been approved by the World Bank. This project covers the regions of the Savanes, Woroba, Denguélé and Zanzan districts, i.e. 10 administrative regions”, which constitutes the cashew production area, he underlined. Dr. Adama Coulibaly then clarified that the complaints management mechanism at the local level is all the more important as “in the implementation of these various activities conflicts could arise. Also, in order to have a guideline in the management of conflicts and to prevent them, Complaints Management Committees are set up at the level of each Department of the production zone”. Before declaring the workshop open, the Prefect of Yamoussoukro, Brou Kouamé, chairman of the session, for his part, called for everyone's contribution and hoped that the exchanges would be of quality and relevant in order to guarantee optimal performance for the local committees of management of complaints in a transparent and fair manner. For the 2021 campaign, production is 968,211 tons of cashew nuts, consolidating the position of Côte d'Ivoire as the world's leading producer and third world exporter of almonds, with a quantity of locally processed nuts of 134,842 tons, i.e. 14% conversion rate.