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  • Why Maharashtra brands local liquor from mahua flower and cashew nut as ‘foreign’ 04/25/2022

    Apr 25th, 2022

    Liquor made from cashew fruits and mahua flowers in Maharashtra will be categorised as Indian-made foreign liquor as the ‘country liquor’ tag is hampering its market reach and branding. The decision will benefit farmers, the State government will generate additional excise duty, and new employment opportunities will be created, according to a government press statement. The State Cabinet approved the new categorisation for the liquor on Wednesday in an attempt to boost the sector. Since 2005, liquor made from cashew fruits and mahua flowers was categorised as country liquor but will now be categorised as Indian-made foreign liquor produced locally, the government announced. Mahua flower liquor manufacturing is a prominent sector in Maharashtra; cashew nuts grown in the Konkan region and Goa are used by the liquor industry for distillation. A 2019 report titled “Magnitude of Substance Use in India”, sponsored by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, states that at the national level about 16 crore people (aged 10-75) consume alcohol. Consumption is 17 times higher among men than women. Country liquor (about 30 per cent) and Indian-made foreign liquor (about 30 per cent) were the most favoured alcoholic beverages.