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  • Vietnamese people make cashew nut shelling machines with twice the capacity 06/06/2022

    Jun 6th, 2022

    Currently, many cashew shelling machines are chain-driven. After just over a year of use, the machine's durability decreases because the drive system is stretched, causing the owner to change the chain or increase the chain. This affects the operation of the machine, causing cashew farmers to have to replace the machine with a new one after just over a year of use, leading to increased costs. Realizing this problem, Mr. Nguyen Van Lien (Phuoc Long Town) with professional knowledge, who studied mechanical engineering at Lilama 2 Technology College (Dong Nai) studied how to overcome the disadvantages of the machine. For two years, he and his associates at Gia Bao mechanical company have repeatedly tested the direct drive system by gears of the cashew shelling machine at the mechanical workshop in Long Phuoc ward, Phuoc Long town. The results show that when improving the operation of the cashew nut shelling machine, it completely eliminates the sprocket system on the old generation machines, increases the machine's durability, and doubles the productivity compared to the chain machines. Testing the improved cashew nut shelling machine by Mr. Nguyen Van Lien. Video: NVCC The machine is designed by the group with a size of 0.9 m long, 0.8 m wide, 1.1 m high, made of steel, weighing nearly 1.5 tons. The body of the machine is arranged with 16 rotating split knives in an iron cage driven by gears, using an AC motor. The knife system with the mechanism of splitting along the grain curve with a longer cutting path than the chain machine helps to reduce breakage, low loss rate, less than 0.5%. When tested, on a two-head system of type A cashew nut splitter (the largest particle size) with a yield of 9-10 tons in 8 hours of operation, the percentage of broken kernels is less than 3%, the percentage of remaining seeds is only 1 -3%. Smaller size cashew nuts give lower yield. He said that the market price of the machine is about 800 million dong. The group's machines have higher productivity and durability compared to old machines, sold for about 980 million VND, including locomotives and production line systems including feeding, conveyor belts, sieving machines... "Outside the market In the domestic market, the product is expected to be exported to India and some African countries...", he said. Mr. Nguyen Minh Thi, owner of a cashew processing facility in Bu Dang district, Binh Phuoc said that the previous cashew nut splitters used chains, which, after a while, often broke down, causing high repair costs. "This innovative splitter has both increased productivity and high durability to overcome the disadvantages of chain-driven machines," said Mr. Thi. Vietnamese people can't wait to meet each other Evaluating the product, Mr. Chu Ba Long, Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Science and Technology Enterprise Club, said that the difference of the machine is that the direct drive mechanism makes the design more compact than other machines. chain drive. The peeling mechanism of the machine uses 16 knives with long split paths for higher productivity, low loss rate. "This product can change the current cashew nut separation processing system in use with the above advantages, so the market potential is very large," said Mr. Long and said the association would introduce the product to other businesses. member businesses and expand to other businesses to bring products to life. The cashew nut shelling machine product was approved by the National Office of Intellectual Property for industrial design in September 2021. Binh Phuoc is considered the "cashew capital" of Vietnam with an area of ​​more than 141,000 hectares and a raw cashew output of more than 200,000 tons per year, the largest in the country. This is also the only locality recognized for geographical indication protection for cashew trees. According to the Provincial Statistics Office, cashew is the main crop in the districts: Bu Dang, Bu Gia Map, Phu Rieng, Bu Dop... The province has 280 businesses and more than 400 business and processing establishments. , in which there are about 30 enterprises involved in exporting. Binh Phuoc has established more than 40 cooperative groups, cooperatives producing cashew with more than 500 members in order to achieve the goal of cashew export turnover of 1 billion USD per year.