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  • Solving difficulties during the day for export businesses 03/21/2022

    Mar 21st, 2022

    "Very happy", "Awesome", "Unbelievable" is what Mr. Bui Khac Nha - Sales Director of TA Agricultural Products Processing and Export Food Co., Ltd uttered when the batch of cashews arrived at the port. Tianjin, China was cleared on the morning of March 19 - less than 24 hours after the company sent a written notice to the SPS Vietnam Office . According to Mr. Nha, through the introduction and advice of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), the company sent an official dispatch to SPS Vietnam Office on March 18. The content is a request to assist the company in requesting the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) to clear the shipment with bill of lading number CULVSGN2I03814. This shipment arrived at Tianjin Port on January 25, 2022. However, because the company's English name is missing an "s", the customer cannot pick up this container. TA Company has submitted a complete application for business registration to export to China since December 2021, and is currently licensed to export. The product fully meets the requirements, according to the guidance of Official Letter No. 175/BVTV-ATTP dated January 20, 2022 of the Plant Protection Department on guiding enterprises producing food of plant origin to perform the following procedures: registered to export to China. "We don't know from which side the problem is. Only when the customer reports that they can't receive the goods, the company can find the error on GACC's website. For the past several weeks, we have always been on fire," Mr. Nha speak. Since discovering the cause, the company has actively contacted a number of competent authorities in Vietnam, but could not completely fix it, even though the error is just a spelling error - missing an "s". After more than a month of goods at the port, through Vinacas, the company asked SPS Vietnam Office for help. Despite the weekend, the Office with the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam and the General Administration of Customs of China worked continuously on March 18 and 19. Thanks to the timely and synchronous participation of the parties, Tianjin Customs allowed TA Company's customers to receive goods in the morning of March 19. Go to the warehouse right away for foreign enterprises The main export product of TA company is cashew nuts. Absolutely avoid mistakes China is Vietnam's third largest cashew export market, accounting for about 15% of the market share. From January 1, 2022, you apply Order 248, Order 249 to export businesses, so domestic companies still have many surprises, according to Mr. Dang Hoang Giang, General Secretary of Vinacas. Enterprises that export cashews to China are divided into two groups by Mr. Giang. One, is to submit the application before October 31, 2021 - this group has relatively smooth export activities and receives the code from the beginning of 2022. Second, is to submit the application from November 1 to December 31 / 2021 - this group received the codes sporadically in the first quarter of 2022 and had a few sporadic problems. The case of company TA belongs to the second group, and belongs to the "unnecessary" error. "We acknowledge and appreciate the help of the SPS Vietnam Office, the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam and the General Administration of Customs of China. This is the result of synchronous and effective cooperation between the agencies. side", Mr. Giang emphasized. For the Vietnam SPS Office alone, the Secretary General of Vinacas proposed to strengthen support, advice, as well as propagate and disseminate new provisions of the SPS Agreements from WTO members in general, and Order 248, Order 249 in particular. Assessments "reflected through the SPS Vietnam Office are handled immediately", Mr. Giang considers this to be the focal point of information, helping the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and enterprises to ensure export activities. As for the Association, Vinacas is committed to conveying information from the competent authorities to each member widely. The association also expressed its hope that the SPS Vietnam Office will coordinate to organize many conferences to guide businesses to adapt to the increasing requirements of the world market. Through the case of TA Company, Mr. Ngo Xuan Nam - Deputy Director of SPS Vietnam Office - advised businesses on 3 issues. Firstly, businesses need to carefully check the business name on the profile, product code, address and related information, to avoid typos, typos, missing characters, arithmetic errors, etc. Secondly, in the unfortunate event of an error, businesses need to contact the product management authority as soon as possible according to Decree 15/2018/ND-CP of the Government, the SPS Vietnam Office or the system of other products. association for help. Third, enterprises must check the synchronous documents before exporting goods, avoiding the case that they cannot clear customs because of spelling errors.